Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Dare

After a lot of raves from the internet, I had to grab MUR. I bought the Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette and some lipsticks. I just had a weakness of the moment, and I bought a whole lot of lipstick. However I only tried one. This is in the shade Dare, a suppose to be bright red. It is a matte shade, and surprisingly easy to use. I do not need to use lip liner at all. I guess that is why I love it so much. I really love it. It is just so pretty on the lips. I am a bit crazy for red at the moment, but it can be a hassle to apply. So this is one that I’ve been reaching for all the time, cause it is just so easy.
From the picture it looks more of a pinkish red. And yes from some lighting it does appear that way. However most of the time, it looks red. It is not as pigmented as I thought it would be. But it can be layered, so it will be more pigmented. I really feel my photo don’t do justice to this lipstick. It is just a daily easy to use red lipstick that is quite long lasting. Plus it is matte, so it is nice. It is comfortable on the lips. Doesn’t really transfer on the glass. I am kind of going around with this review. I just have nothing to say except everyone should have it.
Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Dare


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