Estée Lauder Double Wear Light

My favorite foundation in the whole world (first impression) or at least at the moment. It really depend on my skin. If it is not that too oily, it is great. When my skin is super oily, this gives a matte finish for a while. Then it becomes oily.
This is intensity 2.0 which is a bit light for me. I think the perfect shade will be a shade up. But it kind of blend quite alright. It is smooth, but I did learn, it’s the moisturiser that makes your skin smooth, or the primer. Anyway, it is a medium coverage. I like it as it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but it is good enough without the need to use concealer. I have to really use a good setting powder to prolong the matteness.

Even though this is a long lasting foundation, I find that it starts to wear off at the 5h mark. A primer will maybe help by another 2h? So it is not really that long wearing after all. But it’s Singapore weather, so melting is mandatory.

This has a light SPF of 10, so it’s good for photograph. At least my skin looks pretty much ok in photos whenever I use this. That is why despite everything, I still like it.


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