Elseve (Elvive) Extraordinary Oil

It can be applied through the length and on the ends of wet or dry hair, so that’s convenient. Plus it can be use 4 ways:
– Before shampoo for a nourished feel
– As a masque for a conditioning treat
– Before styling to protect hair
– As a finishing touch for sumptuously soft feel and shine

I got these samples from UK magazines and beauty boxes. So the name of the product is different which is interesting. And one is made in China and the other is Germany.

I don’t know why bother using hair oil at all, but I try. Mostly I only use it as a finishing touch. It really does make my hair soft and shiny. A good shine not oily shine. Every time I use this it feels that I put a lot of effort in styling my hair. When all I did was take 2 drops, rub onto my hands and transfer to my hair. It is awesome. I love hair oil.
It makes my hair smells good too. Even though it doesn’t have a specific scent but it is just nice. I even think it is scentless. Oh the best part, it makes my hand feels really soft. Well it does look greasy, but it is not sticky. So yes I would buy the full size. Even if its uses is just to make my hair looks good.

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