Color Tattoo in Bold Gold

First impression, I do like the gold. It is like any other color tattoo, easy to use and really stay put on the lids. This is a bit shimmery so can be use for casual days or really fun nights. Sometimes I will use this by itself. But more often than not, this is used as a base.
After awhile, even though I close the cap really tight, I feel that this dry up the fastest compare to the other colors. It just become dryer. Still can use, but it is quite flaky. So it doesn’t gives off a nice application anymore. That’s disappointing.

The only way to save it is by scraping of the first layer. Then the next layer is much more smoother in consistency. I still can’t find a good brush to use this with. The only it worked will be using my fingers. The only problem with that is the fact my lids too small, my fingers too fat. So it is always quite messy to use this. I will have to remove some of it that goes over the intended lid area.

I still love the color tattoo, but I will be a better fan of them if I can find a brush to work it with.


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