CDP Extra Rich Lipstick

I really love this. The formula is so beautiful. It is smooth, pigmented and easy to apply.
This is in the color R6, a rich deep raisin shade. The swatches, the right one is one coat, the left is more than one. It’s surprising that one lipstick can gives a difference finish with the different amount you put on. If just going over once, it is more creamy, more solid. If more than 2 coats, it gives off a more glossy finish. It has slight glitters that help to reflect the light. So it is just pretty on the lips. Plus I think the color is perfect as it is quite a mauve finish.
What I like the most is the fact that it covers dry chapped lips. The packaging is also nice as it closes securely. You have to have a but of force to open it. I don’t know how much this cost as it is a gift, but it quite worth the price.

I’ve tried the red one, while it is gorgeous on the lips, it does wear off pretty badly. It just becomes uneven. So you have to be careful, kept checking and reapply. So it is the color that mattered.

Updated: the more you use this, the grittier the lipsticks get. More glitter in the middle of the lipstick. Doesn’t affect the quality just the application is not that smooth anymore. Still easy to apply though.

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