Jill Lowe Anti Wrinkling Concealer

This is in the shade nude. It is a bit light for me. So it is quite good for concealing under eye. To be honest I really do not like this at first try. It is just so oily on me. It just cake up and makes my pores really obvious. Plus it fades away so quickly. After like 2 hours I look like I no longer wear any.

The only good thing is that it is creamy, so for some reason I kept using it. Since it is a small travel size I brought it along with me to Paris. And the weather there is cooling. It’s suppose to be summer, but the temperature is barely 22 degrees on sunny days. And what I find out is that this is such a good concealer for Paris. It doesn’t melt on you. It is really just about the only thing that makes my face look decent. Like OMG what a different the weather makes.

I guess in colder weather, my skin is more normal. So this concealer just cling on better onto my skin. It is just overall a better experience. Quite sad that Singapore only have summer and hot weather. Oh also, I think it is anti wrinkling concealer so it will be better for mature skin, which in my book is dry to normal as you tend to lose moisture then. So ya, what do you think?


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