MAC Pro Longwear Blush

A lovely present from the cousin, making this my first ever new MAC item. Well that’s not true, I did bought their powders before, but a blush is exciting unlike powders and foundation. That’s just my opinion. So I got the longwear one which is more expensive than the normal blush. This is in the shade Whole Lotta Love.
It is a really bright pink but once blended it is not so scary. It is quite pigmented but kind of powdery. It is not matte. It has really micro specks of gold glitters. So not totally shimmery, but it still will gives you a glow. Do I love it? Well I love the color. But the formula is not that great. It sure can last though. I mean by the end of an 8 hour day, I will still have a hint of rosy cheeks. So that’s really something. But the powdery feel, I don’t like that and it doesn’t seems to appear on your cheeks. (Another but) you have to apply really carefully, cause too much will makes your face red. So it is hard to find a balance to get the right amount. I usually tap lightly on the brush and apply it at least twice just to see some color.
So ya, I can’t really compare much cause I never try the normal formula. But this one is not win the price I feel. I still use it and will continue to use until I hit pan, which I doubt I will. The girl has too much blush. I do want a MAC blush though, but I don’t k ow if it will be worth my money.
Will repurchase? Not really.
In other shade? Depend on the price.


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