Missha BB

You can’t see from this bad quality picture, but the bottle is really gorgeous. The product is also in swirl alternating between white and beige. The white being the moisturiser and the beige the foundations. It’s just really fun to look at. Plus the more you use, the product will go up instead of down, so it’s really nice to see. Plus it doesn’t expose with the air in the container, makes it last longer.
The bb cream has a really nice texture, almost like a gel. I guess it can also feel like a mousse, but less bouncy. It is smooth and so easy to apply. It is nice using fingers to apply, which is the best way to use this.

I only need one pump to cover my whole face. Not a really great pump, cause you have to tilt the bottle and it doesn’t come out smooth as it is thicker than most liquid foundation. So some cream can land on the bottle.

It is quite a light medium coverage. Doesn’t cover under eye blackness though. It is whitening, so it does cover redness. Anyway, the color is too light for me. It doesn’t match my face. So I guess this will only work for people with a MAC NC25 and lighter. So the redness coverage ability may be just cause of it being too light for my skin.

The finish is a dewy finish and basically just makes my face brighter. Putting a setting powder, just makes it appear cakey, so I don’t like that at all. It is a good bb for when you don’t spend time under the sun. I find that it tends to melt and makes my face appear oily. If I just spend most of time indoors, especially in air conditioned room, then this is quite good. So ya, I have a love hate relation with this.

All in all, I think this will be good for people with dry to normal skin or those who need the extra moisture.


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