Dermedex Challenge Pack

The challenge is to use these 2 products for 3 days to get better skin. Challenge accepted.
Biotox cleanser [10g] is quite nice, quite minty. It feels like a cream, but it lathers on quite smoothly. It doesn’t foam up. Even though it says it will. It said you can use this as a mask, but seeing the texture if it, I don’t see how it can be use as such. Too fragile, the consistency that is. Oh, it will foam up if I use quite a lot. But the instruction say to just use a tiny amount.

Biotox refining cream 2 [5g] smells really weird, like ulcer medicine, Bonjela. So it is really unpleasant to put on. Overall thoughts: only the first day I feel that this product is really working. The rest of the time, sure it dry out my blemishes, but that is it. It doesn’t improve it.

Therefore, challenge failed!


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