La Prairie Age Management Balancer

My aunt doesn’t like this so she gave me. If there is one thing I have a lot of at home is toner. She said this is the most expensive toner ever. Not sure about that as I don’t know how much this cost. This is 250ml though, so that’s a lot. Probably that factor in the cost.
I am not big on the smell. It just has a very strong artificial alcohol scent. I also feel that it is just a toner just like any other. I don’t really see how this helps my skin.
I have toner that I actually like using, which I really think is normal. But the point is I enjoy using it. This, I don’t really like using it. It does its job though. It helps to get rid of leftover residue so that’s good. Still, I don’t think it is worth the price. Have anyone use this?


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