First Impression: Ace Liposome Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask

You know how I don’t like masks that have extra layer of plastic to help keep its shape, this has 2 extra layers. At first I don’t know why the mask is so weird. After getting rid of the white plastic sheet, there is just this blue thing that makes putting the mask very uncomfortable. Plus it is just way too big.
So you see, it just looks weird. Then I read the instruction. It said to put it on and make it perfectly fit then peel off the blue layer. The hard part is positioning it, the mask doesn’t stick onto my face, it kept sliding off. I had to remove the blue sheet holding the mask away from my face. Then I had to readjust the thin mask back onto my face. Too messy for my liking.

So this mask is for revitalizing, anti-aging and whitening. Doesn’t irritate my skin so that is good. The only other thing I feel after using this mask is how sticky it made my face feel. It is just too rich for me? Even though reviews said that oily skin tend to have poor absorption of skincare product. So obviously this is targeted for people with oily and combination skin. Just doesn’t do anything for me though. Quite disappointing.

It has a scent that reminded me of Cetaphil moisturizer. Too medical like.

I don’t like the size of the mask, too big for my face. I totally get the extra sheets. I am sure it will help everyone who use this. Promising benefits, but I don’t see a difference. Well ya, I used it once, but still. So no.

$22.90 from Sasa for 3 pieces.


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