Korres Soft Touch Lip Pen in Dark Purple

Yay to fall! Still so sunny in Singapore though. I love wearing darker lips, but only in the evenings. I feel weird using them when the sun is still so bright.
This is a really dark vampy lip color. Really cool on the lips. Dark, sexy, mysterious. I really like it but I’m also quite self conscious wearing this. The good thing though is that it is so dark, that it looks more of a deep burgundy red on the first look. If you look longer than you’ll see that it’s actually a dark purple. Really cool. It is not just a boring dark berry shade. So love the color.

The formula is smooth and creamy. Even it does have a little sparkle in the color, it barely is noticeable. It just makes the color shine. Only problem is that it is messy to apply. So a lip liner is a must.

You can also just use a little and use your finger to smooth over the color and left it just like a stain. It’s just so pretty. A purple stain on the lips. It just doesn’t help to brighten up the face though, it is more of a color to tone down the look on the face.


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