LM Secret Camouflage

My favorite of all Laura Mercier that I’ve tried so far has to be this baby right here. There used to be a time when people raved this product. Sure at first impression, it doesn’t blown my mind away. I find that after a few uses, like once you get rid of the first layer on the pan, it just gets better.

It is a really creamy and easy to blend. Doesn’t look caked up when layered. It covered beautifully so just one layer is enough. As I said it is creamy, but for some reason, it just sits on your face really thinly.
This is the shade SC-2, and it comes with 2 shades. One is a natural skin tone shade, and the other is more salmon like. The latter is my go to under eye concealer. It is just the perfect shade to cover those black circles. Just a thin layer is enough to cover them up. The best part is, it doesn’t crease and stays on forever. Well not forever, but it is good enough for a quite a long day.

I use the other one for my pimples or redness. The color is a bit too light for me but as long as I don’t use a lot, it doesn’t really matter. Then I just use my powder to set my face and I’m good. I don’t even need to use foundation. I feel that I can survive just on this concealer and powder alone. You can throw away all my bb/cc/foundations away. It is just that good. I also like the whole finish better. Less product on my face the better. But of course I love my makeup so there is no way I’m getting rid of my face stuff as I do use them sometimes maybe once or twice a week.

I usually will suggest for you to go to Sephora to get a feel of the product, but in this case, better not. The samples are just gross and quite dry up, so it is not the best way to know the product. I guess you just have to trust my word for it or better still other reviewers who have better knowledge than me.

But ya, it is pricey, around $60? I forgot, but I’ve used this pretty much daily and I’ve not yet create a dent, so I believe this will last forever. So it is worth the money.


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