LM Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact

With a nice SPF 20, it was the ideal product to travel with. It is not as messy as liquid foundation. The packaging is not the most sleek, but it is alright. It is not their usual dark purple case, but the color of its primers (tube) counterpart. There is a mirror and a separate department for storing the sponge. Application is with said sponge and so it is really easy. Tinted moisturizers are not full coverage, but this can be layered without looking cakey.
I got the shade Blush which is the perfect shade for me. When swatch, it looks lighter but blends it out and it matches my skin tone. So finally I got one that is a good match for me. I prefer this as compare to the liquid one. The application is better.
The con is that this is not meant for oily skin. So it is pretty pointless using this, after 2 hours my face will get really oily. Heck even after blotting, it gets oily after 5min. So that is really the only thing I don’t like about this.
I know I should get for oily skin, but usually most brands, their original is pretty much the same as the oily skin ones. At least the result they give me, so if I were to judge base on that assumption, I feel that LM is targeted more for dry to normal skin. Maybe one day I will try the oily skin version and compare. One day.


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