LM Foundation Powder

Shade no 1 which is obviously too light for me. So most of the time I will use this for under the eyes as a setting powder. It is quite a light coverage. Even when dust all over the face, it just shows enough. Only around the nose area appears to be quite cakey. This is not an oil control powder, so after 2 hours, I will be be able to start seeing my T-zone getting shiny.
Since this is not the right shade for me, I don’t use this on its own. So it’s actually a redundant product for me. I just can’t bear to get rid of it as the powder is really soft. It is just so smooth. Even after using a lot of time, I still haven’t hit pan, and it’s still smooth. I can’t say that it is finely mill as it is quite powdery but it doesn’t fall out so that’s nice.
I don’t know if I should get this in a shade that fits me. I do like the powder but I kind of find it useless. So it will be just a waste of money. So, if you don’t have oily skin, I do recommend this powder. At least just give it a touch at Sephora. Oh so smooth I tell ya.


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