Sexy Look Escargot Extract mask

4D mask for repair and healing. It is cooling on first application. A bit too tight for my liking. I just feel that it strain my ears a bit. I mean I do like that it comes with the neck piece, but it just tug on my ears.
Even though it said escargot which is snail, I don’t find it gross. It doesn’t smell or anything, it is just a normal mask. I like that it doesn’t have an extra plastic sheet. The mask itself is made of pure cotton or what it claimed to be. I can’t tell the difference. It is just not thin and transparent like some
masks I’ve tried. So it is nice, cause it is not so fragile.
Overall it is quite a relaxing mask to use. Not sticky, moisturizing, it’s comfortable on the skin. So I do like it and will repurchase.


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