Effaclar Mat Sebo-regulating Moisturiser

Cause I bought a lot, so I was given this free. I can’t believe I went to Paris and never buy anything from La Roche-Posay. So I am so glad I got this as a free sample. And now I regret not buying it.
It’s a gel like moisturizer that feels like a silicon face primer. So it’s really fun to put on. Plus it is anti-shine and anti-larger pores, so it really is just the perfect moisturiser for me. I really like it and it makes my face really smooth.

If you are like me and hate putting on primer, this is the moisturiser for you. Even not, it is still moisturizing. I guess this is targeted for those with oily skin. If you are heading to France, I suggest giving this a try. Even if you are not going to France, I’ll still say to give it a go. Not sure how those dry skin will handle it though.


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