Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Aurora

I just had to. I picked up Aurora as I just like sleeping beauty. The color happens to be good too. It’s a slight glittery muted pink. So it’s pretty natural for daily use. It’s not overly pigmented, I mean it’s a good pigment for lipgloss but I guess I’m comparing it to a liquid lipstick. Anyway, I like it as it doesn’t really show my pigmented lip. So it’s more color. It’s not overly glittery also. In fact you can barely see it. It smells really sweet. Plus it is not overly sticky.
After about using for 2 months, I find that the gloss get more gloppy. It’s just different in consistency than the first time I use it. It’s thicker and not so smooth to apply. Still wearable but it’s just stickier. Not sure if it is for all the gloss or I just happen to create a bad reaction. Considering it is like £7 each, it is not a cheap gloss too.

I would try the rest of the collection just for the sake of it. But I think if you are pondering, you should go for an Essence lipgloss. It’s pretty much the same. Lovely scent, lovely pigmented colors, cheaper too. So ya. Love at first sight, but not after. But I don’t hate it.


One thought on “Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Aurora

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