Best of ’14: Eyeshadow – Chocolate Bar

The one eyeshadow I feel deserve a big shout out is this Chocolate Bar palette. I am just so in love with it. Not only it is the palette I used the most, it is also the one thing I buy without waiting for a sale. Usually when I shop, I buy things on impulse. If not, it will be a sale that drives me to purchase the stuff. So this is not an impulse purchase, that’s why I treasured it so much.

I do wish the palette is a bit thinner, but that is my only complain about it.
Just look at the design – a chocolate bar – you’ll love it already. Next, the scent. Mama Mia, it smells like chocolate. Well like cocoa powder, but it smells so yummy. The colors are neutral with a couple shades for a pop of color. There are a blend of matte and shimmer. Pigmentation is good. Shadows smooth to the touch, easy to blend and overall a good quality product.

I bought this for $69 at Sephora. I like the outer packaging, which is the only cardboard box I kept ever. It also comes with 3 how-to which is nice. The palette itself has a magnetic closure. There are 16 eyeshadows that are good for daily or smokey eyes. The names of each shadow correspond with chocolate, so adorable.

Gilded Ganache – dark khaki with gold glitters
White Chocolate – matte light skin tone color, like a powder
Milk Chocolate – matte light brown, like a bronzer shade
Black Forest truffle – dark brown with a hint of lilac pink and magenta and glitters.
Triple Fudge – matte dark brown

Salted Caramel – matte tan color
Marzipan – shimmery metallic creamy neutral slight pinkish thingy (my fav all over lid color)
Semi-Sweet – matte mid tone brown
Strawberry Bon Bon – matte soft pink (love it, but can’t see the pink on my lid)
Candied Violet – purple with magenta glitter
Amaretto – metallic reddish golden bronze

Hazelnut – shimmery dark brown (my daily outer v color)
Creme Brûlée – metallic gold
Haute Chocolate – shimmery redder tone brown
Cherry Cordial – dark, purple, red tone brown tone, burgundy, slight glitter
Champagne Truffle – shimmery light pinkish color

Those are how I would describe each shade once swatch on my hand. I don’t think it is right, but that’s how it appear to me.

If I break this or it got stolen, I wouldn’t repurchase it again. Yes I love it, but I wouldn’t buy it as there are just so many palettes in the market. I will want to try others. However I will gladly take it if it is gifted to me.


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