Best of ’14: Cheeks – ELF Conturing Blush & Bronzing Powder

For cheeks, this year I’ve been using the ELF duo a lot. Ever since I got it, it is the blush that I kept reaching out most of the time. Part of it is that I put this in my daily makeup bag, so that is why. Why it is in my makeup bag is cause it has a bronzer in it too. Plus the mirror really helps. I don’t use my makeup in front of my dressing table. I usually sit on the bed with a hand mirror nearby. My dressing table is beside my bed, so I will pop my head to look in the mirror on occasion. And so I put the makeup I use daily in a makeup bag that I can just haul over onto my bed.

So I really like this cause it is two product in one. Convenient for me and maximize my bag space.
elf blush and broze
People say it’s a dupe for the NARS Orgasms blush, but I really don’t think so. I am no expert as I don’t have the NARS blush but the blush here is much more lighter. There isn’t much pigment which is good and bad. Good in that you don’t have to be careful and use a light hand. You can just basically puff it on, and it won’t show up too much. Bad as it doesn’t show up. I guess people with fair skin will enjoy this one more.

It is a glittery finish blush, a light peachy pink, that is really pretty when swatch. On the cheeks, for me it doesn’t show up. But there’s a bit of glow. So that’s just alright for me. Daily makeup wise, I don’t really need colored cheeks. So I actually like it this way, plus I can always layer it up for the color to show.

The bronzer is also quite shimmery. Not a good contouring bronzer, but that’s ok, I still use it as one anyway with a very light hand. With that, the shimmer doesn’t show up too much; so all is good. It is especially good for warming up my whole face. So I do like it a lot.

This blush and bronzer duo is just very easy to use, really convenient and inexpensive.

Honorable mention: theBalm Frat Boys


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