Best of ’14: Mascara – Macrolash

If you have been reading this my blog, thank you by the way, then you will know that one of my favourite mascara is the Canmake gokunobi mascara. It is just a natural mascara. Still not the best, but good enough. This year I found Macrolash; good enough, plus I enjoy using it the most this year.

Macrolash is meant to create dramatic false lash affect. With the duo  mascara that you are suppose to use one after another. One tube is the normal mascara, and the other is the micro fiber. You pretty much have to apply 3 coats. First you have to coat your lashes with the mascara, then apply the fibers, lastly sealed it all up with another coat of the mascara.
Personally I do not like the 3 steps, as I really don’t see any difference in doing that. I just felt that the fibers kept falling off or it didn’t stick in the first place. But what I do love about this, is the mascara itself. It is just natural. Ok, don’t say love, like is more appropriate.

The mascara is a normal one. The wand is the standard kind. It is waterproof yet easy to remove. Smudging is to a minimal when I apply it really close to my eyes. It doesn’t hurt my eyes, it last all day. I guess only me who like simple natural looking lashes. Most people will find this mascara redundant. Anyway, for a night look, I do apply the fibers. It just makes it thicker, more fuller I guess. It is alright, but still can’t beat using falsie, if I knew how.

Nonetheless, I just really enjoy using it. I always find myself reaching for it. When I can’t think of what mascara to use, or when I am in the rush, I will use this. I know you are suppose to throw mascara away after 3 months, but I find that I always use a lot of different mascara at any one time. So it stays in my stash for some times. It doesn’t really go bad, at least the formula is still the same, it doesn’t dry out. And the scent doesn’t change.

But well, this is my second set this year. So even if I did extend it shelf life, it gotta mean something right.

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