Best of ’14: Lip Balm – Smith’s Rosebud Salve

Hi I’m FY and I’m a lip balm addict.

I’ve tried a lot of lip balm and I am still trying and will be trying more. This year though, I pretty much been using Smith’s Rose nightly. To be perfectly honest, I prefer Shill’s Rosebud Balm. I think the texture is much nice and it is just more effective. But as this “choice” is for the year 2014, it deserves to go to one that I’d used the most. I enjoyed using them both but ya you know.
A lot of people swear by this, and I can see why. Texture is like petroleum jelly, but I guess it is actually helpful in the long run. As I heard petroleum jelly only help to cure dryness for the moment but will get worse later on.

This one is nice on the lips. I like that it can be applied on dry hands too. I also like that I still can feel a bit of balm left when I wake up. It does leave your lips feel smooth, it does help chapped lips. But I feel that if your lips are very cracked, very flakey, it doesn’t help as much. It’s just that you can peel it off easier and thus leaving it “new”. So yes, a good lip balm but not my absolute number 1.
But if you are not choosy like me, I do recommend it. As when I did recommend it to a friend, she loves it as she said it is not as glossy.

Honorable mention: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (the price though, I’m not a fan)

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