Best of ’14: Hair – Clarifying Shampoo

I’ve been looking for clarifying shampoo all over Singapore. Especially the ones recommended to me by you guys in the comments, but whenever I go Robinsons or somewhere that particular shampoo will be sold out. So when I saw this at iHerb, I was overjoyed.

This is the Alba Botanica Clarifying Shampoo. It is for oily, overactive, natural or color treated hair.
alba botanica clarifying shampoo
I used this like maybe once a week, or on days when I used too much hair product (hair spray, dry shampoo, etc). It can weeks that I don’t touch this at all. So this lasted forever in my shower.

It doesn’t dry out my hair totally but I can feel really clean. It works fine like any other shampoo I used. I can even use this for 2 days straight. However if 3 days continuously I use this, I can feel feel my hair getting greasy super fast. So it really is just a shampoo to be used once a week to remove build up.

So yes for clarifying shampoo, but I’ll probably be finding a better one.


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