Best of ’14: Luxury – Beauty Elixir

Some say it is magic in a bottle, some say it is overly raved, some say I want to try it, some say it is way too overprice. Well, I am the first of those some. I really do believe it is magic. I mean sure I may get brainwash by the price tag and the scent, but there is just something about it. For a small bottle, this cost almost S$20. That is really something, but when you are in Paris, you just have to buy it. Cause I want to. I get the mini one as it is cuter plus I do want to bring it around with me.
First of all, the scent is just so refreshing. It is indeed a luxurious scent. I am not sure if it is cause I link it with the price, or if it already smells so expensive. Should do a test with someone who doesn’t know about this.
Secondly, facial mist is the best! It is just a great product to refresh you, to moisturise your face, to lift you up. You just feel so awake and good to go. Love it. Such a cooling sensation too. I know I know water works as well.
Third, this is where the magic thing works. It just makes my face glow. Seriously, I don’t know how or why, but it makes me look good. Like really wow good. Every time I use this, I see myself in the mirror like hours later and I see a face that is so “fresh”. I mean, man even after a few hours, my face still looks good. So it really must be magic right?

I am not using this daily as I am stingy like that. For 30ml, you can spray away and it will be gone in seconds. So I only use this on special occasion – weddings and parties. Sometimes, I feel like it is all in the mind, but at first I really did doubt this magic. It is just after giving me results for the first few times that I really finally see its worth.
I highly recommend this elixir. But you know everything is dpdp (different people different perspective). So spend only if you can, or put it on your wish list. And hey, if you hate it, you can always ship it to me. Haha.


2 thoughts on “Best of ’14: Luxury – Beauty Elixir

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