VDL CC Cream

I have no suckered into BB or CC cream marketing. I mean all of them are just face product to me. Whatever works for me, I will love.

This sounds promising as it said that it contains the technology to balance pale or dark skin tone for a flawless radiation and clear transparency. It fights off perspiration and oil for a lasting look. It also has a SPF of 25.
First thing first, this is way too light for me. My face just looks so white using this. The coverage is alright, but it is not light. You have to really blend for it to look natural. Oil control wise is alright, and I did use this to go to gym, and it stays put. So really it is just the shade that doesn’t match me.

This is why samples are the best thing ever brought onto the table. I think everyone should be given samples before they commit to buying the full size product. If you go huh? Guess you are not from Asia. We envy you people who can return back product.


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