Vivo Blush & Highlight

Do I need another blush? No!
But I’m just a shopaholic and I want to buy them all. The price is good and the colors good. There are just a time when you pink and you have to have pink everything, and there are times I have to have peach, and so I have this. It’s a good handy blush palette with a cream, powder blush and one shimmery highlighter which is better a blush as it is super pigmented.

I mostly use the centre powder blush, as that’s the prettiest among the 3. Well it is just lighter as compare to the cream blush. All 3 are pigmented so a light hand is required. But really for the price which is less than $10, it is a really good trio. I don’t really use the highlight but it looks nice as a blush. The instruction told you to use the cream blush, follow by the powder and dust the highlight, but it is already just on its on. Following the instruction just help to prolong the wear of it.


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