Lip Switch in Coral Pink

On of my more recent buy from MUA. I really should stop, but I just can’t help myself. The lipstick texture remind me of MUA lip boom, I mean the packaging is the same too. The only different is the gloss. This one is more pigmented. Plus it is more of a liquid lipstick, or just like those lip cream.
The lipstick is good. It’s a matte lipstick. It’s a coral pink shade just as what the name states. The problem I have with this is that sometime it suit me, sometime it don’t. You definitely need a smooth lip, but it’s just, I don’t know. It’s really hard finding pink that suit me.
The other side is a lip cream with a doe foot applicator. It’s shiny. I like it on its own or with the lipstick. It’s not sticky, so it’s good. I like it.
So the major different with this and Lip Boom is that the latter contains very chunky glitter. So it’s uncomfortable on the lips. This one is better. Plus is more of a cream than lipgloss. But I do know that other shades have different gloss. Some is more cream, some is shimmery. That’s my thought on this.


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