YSL Touche Éclat

The magic of Radiant Touch is real. It truly is a product that gives a radiant finish to your face. It manages to reduce the appearance of black eyes. Easy to apply, easy to blend and doesn’t crease.
The packaging is beautiful but will leave lots of finger prints behind. And the bottom click where you have to push to get the product out; I’ve accidentally click that a few times. Messy but ain’t as bad as tube packaging.
I have shade no. 2 Luminous Ivory. It is too light for me. This is chosen cause my aunt bought this and it comes in a duo pack. So she gave me one. The SA match this shade perfectly for her, and she’s so much fairer than me. But it does works for me too. Shade 1 is a bit darker than 2, as 2 is made with a pinkier undertone I think that’s what the SA said, don’t quote me. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful under eye concealer / highlighter. I really love using this as I find my face visibly brighter and I don’t look so tired. I will be saving money to get one in my shade. Recommended.


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