Too Faced Melted in Melted Fuchsia

I get why people love this. The color is pretty intense. Ok, wait. First of, I only have this color. So it’s pretty hard to judge. But this one is intense. The color is pigmented and just in your face. Which is why I am not loving it so much. I am finally comfortable with red lips. Bright Pop Pink is still WIP. It takes time to get used to things. But nevertheless it is a beautiful color. (I know I will eventually get used to this color and regret my just ok review here. Hehe we’ll see.)
The texture is a bit dry. But I feel it is more of staining texture without the staining effect. So it is that. Suppose to be a long wearing lipstick, which I guess it is. But it wears off. I prefer something that can stain my lips.
Not overly uncomfortable. It just hug your lips. But definitely need to scrub the lips before using this.
It’s better than lip tar as the application is direct. The sponge tip is nice. I like it as I have love my Clarins gloss. But ya it just different. Putting on Clarins one is nice. It goes over smoothly on the lips. It glides. Melted just takes a bit more work. Doesn’t glide so I mostly tap tap around the lips. Or I squeeze a lot out for it to smooth over the lips.
Oh the nice thing is when I just use a little. I can use my fingers to sheer out the color. So pretty. So this can be used sheer or pigmented.
I wouldn’t repurchase this but I do want other colors to try out.


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