Oriental Princess Popping Cheek Blush Puff

I’ve been looking for this kind of container since forever. I loved the Dior one, but they do not have it anymore. I guess it is just not hygienic or maybe it’s just not popular. But I do like it cause it’s so easy to put the blush on. Just puff and tap onto the skin.

This is in the shade Poppy Pink. A light pink with a hint of shimmer. But it’s so light that it can’t be seen on my skin.

The packaging can be twist to open and close. The problem is I don’t know when it is close or when it’s open. No matter which way I turn, a tiny bit of product will come out. So it’s very frustrating. Plus the fact the color can’t be seen on my cheeks, I just use this mostly if I look super matte, which is seldom. It’s just a top up blush. A highlighter. That’s what I use this for. Cause of its shiny appearance. I mean its shimmer glow, it’s better as a highlighter than a blush.
Quite a fail product I must say. Still can use, but I not that good. Bought this in Bangkok too, so it’s hard to get hold of.


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