Frontcover Party Queen

I got this for Christmas. I love makeup, so I love receiving makeup kits. This is something I never really heard people talk about. I know they sell this in Sephora, but I just don’t see anyone ever mentioning it.

First of, this is like a very thick version of magazine, so that’s cool. But also bulky. I find it hard to break the pieces apart, especially the eyeshadows. You can remove everything out except the shadows. So the whole idea of this makeup box is silly. It just is a waste of space. At least if the shadows come in their own palette, the box can be use as storage. Well I guess you can pull it out and put it at a z palette or something.

frontcoverSo this comes with 5 baked shadows, 5 eye shadows, a nail polish, 2 glitters, 2 eye pigments, mascara, dual ended brush, eye liner and a lip stain lip gloss duo. It is quite a nice kit to have. Well, you just need a blush that is all, maybe bronzer too. But it is still a pretty decent kit.

frontcover swatchSo the swatches for the shadows. The pigmentation is not bad. Quite smooth and opaque. Mostly are shimmery and glittery. It is definitely a bunch of colors perfect for a party queen. Add eyeshadow primer and you have eyes ready to party all night and morning long.
IMG_0519.JPGThe lip stain is alright. Appears more pink on the lips even though on the tube is darker, more neutral. It can be drying when lips are chapped, so can only be used on smooth lips. Staining power is not that great. The lip gloss feels quite sticky. It is just a plain shimmery gloss.
Mascara, I don’t like. It is not waterproof so it smudges easily. Doesn’t do much except to coat your lashes making them appear darker.
Eyeliner is black color with a smudger. It’s an eyeliner. I’m not good at using it. So nothing much to talk about it. The brush is quite nice. Dual ended. One to pack the shadow. The other good for undereye color. Not a bad quality. It is soft and thick.

Nail polish is Snowy. Just a clear coat with glitter on it. Good as a topper but nothing special about it.

Glitter tube comes in two shade. Periwinkle is what as it is stated. Pretty color but I haven’t use it and I doubt I will. Maybe for nail art one day. Doubloon is gold glitter but it has multi color effects. It’s like as if the gold is mix with these purple and green and orange glitters. But it’s not. It’s pretty but can’t be capture on camera.

Pigments are Darkly and Terracotta. Darkly is a bluish grey which Terracotta is a bronzy shiny brown. Really cool. I really have to play around with pigments more. They are so pigmented and fun but messy.

Overall, shadows are ok but the rest are just so so for me. It’s fun to play with kit like this. But I feel this is a better kit for a teenager. As this box is for a party queen, it may not be so right for teens in Singapore. But I mean you can never be too young to learn to apply makeup. So yah.


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