MUR Lipstick in Lady

Once you are comfortable with red, you will forever wanting to wear red. I’m loving this brighter red from Makeup Revolution at the moment. It’s just brighter and more bold among my reds. Easy to apply, last forever and not drying. It’s another beautiful lipstick to use on a day to day basis. I mean it’s great as a night out too obviously. But the price of this lipstick just makes it so much more comfortable to apply daily. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I rather use cheap product daily and use the expensive ones for special occasion only. A bit silly. But that’s me.
makeup revolution lady
The different between MUR Dare and Lady is that the former is matte. Dare also seems less pigmented. But in person, it is not. Plus you can always layer it. My lips are pigmented enough so it won’t seems like it’s not red enough.
Lady just makes you feel like a lady. I always thought that it will be difficult to pull off as it’s more warm. But it’s actually really classic, bright, bold and pretty. It’s ladylike. It’s feminine. It’s powerful. So in love with red.
But yes I only wear them when I’m not working. Teehee.

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