Essence Lipstick in 44

With NYX being more readily available in the market, there’s just so many affordable lipstick to choose from. But Essence is still one of the cheapest and for the price, the product is not bad.
Look at those lips. I happened to get a good pic or it just looks beautiful in photos. Either way, it’s a light, more on the sheer side red. But can be layered and will appear slightly pigmented. Then again, my lips made it so. It’s easy to wear this red, oh the color is call Almost Famous. So appropriate as this color is not those wow red but just almost. A bit on the magenta side I guess. Still perfect for anyone trying out with red for the first time. 

But I have to say. It’s not the best lipstick out there. It’s a light in texture. Easy to apply. Glossy finish. More like a gel finish. No need to use lip liner. Beautifully applied on. Dry out the lips. 

Yup. It dries the lips and that’s the one thing I don’t like about it. So wear a lipbalm before hand. And a smooth lips will be better before applying this. 

So overall. It’s an ok lipstick but I will only recommend it if you want to out crazy colors. Just to see if it actually work for you. Cause Essence is still one of the cheapest brand you can buy in Sg. But if you have the money, please invest in something better. I can say that, but I know when I see the Essence display at Watsons, I’ll want to grab a few more colors. Oh well, habits hard to die. 


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