Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Really love the chocolate range from Too Faced. It’s nice to open them and be hit with a scent of cocoa.

This is the medium/deep matte bronzer. A travel size of only 4g. I believe they do have other shades. But this come in a kit with the Better Than Sex Mascara. Anyway, the color is kind of plotchy when swatch. It’s a cool tone bronzer. It’s a good shade for me. But depending on the brush I use, I will get different pigmentation. 

With a fluffy brush, I wouldn’t have to blend so hard. With a contour brush, it tends to pick up more product, so it will be more obvious on the face. So I will have to blend more. Just goes to show that this shade is darker for my face. Not so dark that it won’t work, but it’s dark that it can be use a contouring bronzer. I also can use this to warm up my face. Yes I say it’s a cool tone bronzer, but for some reason when it manage to swatch evenly, it’s warm. It supposed to be matte, but it kind of gives a light sheen. So it will be a good bronzer for all over the face too. So it really depend on your application. 

A good bronzer. Tiny packaging with a mirror. Two thumbs up. Oh, the cocoa scent will disappear after you use it a few times. I guess the scent is just on the top layer. So a bit sad about that. Maybe just one thumb up. Haha. 


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