Intense Glitter Eyeliners

I have here 2 glittery eyeliners from MUA.

Pink Sparkle which is what it said a sparkly pink.
Silver Sparkle, a sparkly silver.

I don’t use eyeliners but I’m just attracted to these two. I just love playing with them, but I don’t use them at all. At least not for going out. I try them on at home, just for fun, but that’s about it. They are so sparkly and pretty that I don’t know how to wear them out unless for a party. And I don’t have any party to go to. 

So how I use them is on my lower lashes and inner corner of the eyes. Light enough when smudge out, they are the perfect shade to apply around the eyes. Very subtle. But of course I can darkern them. I’m will use it over black or brown liners. But ya, I find that they don’t really smudge provided I don’t rub my eyes. It won’t last long, as I find that they will wear off after certain hours. But I mean it’s £1 each, so it’s quite good. 

And you can always just apply this, rub off the colors and you will be left with glitters. So pretty. Will be good for an all over lid sparkle. When will I ever go to a party huh? I so want to wear this out. 

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