LaCouture Covering Base BB

This just gives me the most flawless face ever. I applied this with a stippling brush and my face is brighter and very air brush feel. Sure, it’s too light for me. That’s the only sad part, that’s why my face is much brighter. It’s good that it is brighter but it seems to light. I kind of have to bronze a bit. Only then it’s fine. Not a big problem for me. See the swatch, once it’s blended, it’s just a tad light for me. 


This has SPF40, so that’s nice. And I just googled that this is suppose to cover skin stains and even freckles. So yah, that’s why my face is flawless. 

I love this as it gives my face a matte finish. I don’t have to powder my face after. It’s also quite long lasting. Since it covers my blemishes and dark circles, I don’t need concealer too. But under the eyes will be the one place that this bb cream will fade off. Not as bad, but it’s, well it can be better. 

So overall, I love this. Will be the perfect shade for anyone who is an NC20/25. 

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