RT Your Eyes/Enchanted Starter Set

I am slowly collecting all the RT brushes. I really like them. I buy them all from iHerb.
So this kit consist of 5 brushes and a case which I never use.
Base shadow brush is just nice fluffy all over the lid brush. It’s a nice size to use as it is just a good eye lid size. Like one sweep kind of application and you are good to go. It’s a good size, convinient and fast to apply, that’s what I’m trying to say. 

Deluxe crease brush This is quite an oversize brush. I find that it is quite big for my crease. So I use this to blend concealer for my undereye instead. It’s a better purpose anyway. I also will use this as an all over eye lid brush also. 

Accent brush Remind me a lot of the detailer brush from the face set, but the bristles are shorter. So it is great to use under the eyes or even as an eyeliner. Inner corner of eyes too. It will be very precise as it is quite small and firm. Can be use as a concealer brush too. To cover those small pimples. 

Pixel-point eyeliner brush is quite a fat eyeliner brush I would say. It’s a bit fluffy and I doubt it will be good as an eyeliner. Maybe it can only be use as undereye smudger brush. Like at the v area. Or if you want a really thick eyeliner. I’m sure it work, but I don’t use eyeliner so it’s quite a useless brush for that purpose. Instead I will use it as a crease brush. More for deepening the outer crease. But it takes forever to blend. So ya, I don’t really use this brush much. 

Brow brush I really like this. It is not like normal angle brush, where the bristle is thin. The width of the brush is thicker. So it really is great for brows. I guess you can use it for eyeliner, but only if you want a thicker liner. I like those dense fat angle brush for my brows. As I feel that it is easier and makes my brows look so much more natural when using that. Those thin brow brush is just to sharp looking for my taste. 

So overall, it’s a good brush. I like the handle. Purple, and a mixture of thin and fatter handles. I like the thin one more, looks so dainty. It doesn’t shed when washed. It cleanse quite easily. So ya, I do recommend it.   

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