First Impression: dermasoul Detox Mask with Algae Extract

Yes I’m attracted to the pink packaging that’s why I bought it. It’s suited for getting rid of skin troubles. Troubles occur when skin is tired and dried from aging over time. Also can be from harmful environments, stresses, and tiredness. 

I really think that Leaders Clinic’s masks are not tight. I mean I still feel that it doesn’t cling on to the face as other masks. It won’t drop off, I tried jumping around, but it just doesn’t feel as pampering as others. Anyway, 5 minutes into wearing this, my face kind of itches.

The mask is very wet. It has a lot of essence, but not messy. It won’t dry out after 15 – 20 minutes. So that will make some people happy. But when I took off the mask, my whole face is just drench in the essence. It doesn’t look like water, more like as if my whole face perspire. Not a pretty sight. I just let it air dry cause I didn’t want to wipe it away. But after 2 minutes, I could not stand it and I took a tissue to pay my face dry.

My face was moisturized but quite sticky. Plus it itched. Not a mask for me definitely. I saw a brighter face. But dark circles still exist and more prominent cause face is brighter, so the contrast is greater. I just realized I forgot to flip down the nose flap. Anyway, ya, this is a no.


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