Monoprix Shampooing Doux Beurre de Mangue

It is quite a curse to have WordPress in a few platform. I wrote a lengthy post on this one and it was gone, just like that. Cause maybe I forgot to refresh? Anyway, I’m too lazy to tell the story again, so in summary due to language problem I thought this is for oily hair when infact it’s an oil type shampoo?! See I even forgot my research. 

Huile de riz, cheveux

Monoprix is like another Carrefour. So this is like 2€. It’s surprisingly quite good for my oily hair. It won’t last more than 12h, but it’s still pretty good. I wanted to tell you that it smells like mangoes but honestly I forgot. Cause my notes also disappear. So ya, just wanna post this up cause it’s already on draft anyway.  

But seriously, for about 5 days, this shampoo helps to survive Paris with looking like a head of grease, I feel that it’s quite good. Unless someone tell me that this is in fact for oily hair, then I would have expect better from this shampoo. 


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