The Wet Brush

I have 3 the wet brush. Well I have 1, I bought the other two for my mom and sis. My sis got the big one. The original which I kind of regret not getting. It’s nicer than the smaller ones as it is bigger. So it is easier to brush your hair with. The bristles will go through your hair so much better. Especially if you have thick hair. The smaller one, the bristle doesn’t hit your roots. I like the feeling of the brush touching my scalp. That’s why I prefer the bigger one. 

The smaller one is good though don’t get me wrong. It’s just that it is a better brush for your purse. 


Anyway, they do come out with different colors. So it’s easy to own one with your favorite color. Even the purples. I have one metallic, one more rubbery feel. 

I started this post with a lot in my head. I want to rave about these but now I just got nothing to say. It is good. Unlike any normal comb or brush. The bristle is good. It helps get rid of tangles. Even though my sis will say yes cause it just chunk your hairs off that’s why it free the tangles. Not sure about that, but that’s an opinion. Nonetheless, it just help me so much. I love combing my hair now. It helps to smooth out unruly hair and whatnot. 

The big one is 15.90, the smaller one is 10.90. And I bought them at 20% John Little sale. So that’s how you buy these. Wait for sale. Watsons sells them too. It’s more expensive in the UK though. 


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