LeMatte Color Riche – She’s So Matte 

I just had to have this. There was so much raves when this came out. It’s not on the permanent line and you can’t get it in Singapore. I bought it from Singsale.

At first, it’s a really moisturing lipstick. It goes on really buttery. Plus as a fatter pencil form, it’s really good for precise application. It’s a twist up too, so no need to sharpen. No 408, a beautiful hot pink that gives a pop of color to a bare face. It can be worn lightly and it will be just a sheer lipstick. Or you can layer it and it will be more pigmented. It’s beautiful either way.

It will eventually set into a matte finish. It is still transferable but it sort of stain your lips. So in the end the color will not run off. It’s one of the thing I like about it. It comfortable on the lips. But after a few uses, this appear to be more drying that the first few times using it. Despite the fact that packaging is a tight closure. It’s not that bad. Still goes on smooth, but not like that first time. It also is not as moisturing on the lips anymore. It won’t dry out your lips, but not a balmy as before. So that is something to take note on.

Lastly, even though it is only 0.9g while normal lipstick is at 3g, lip crayon at 2g, it last forever. So not bad for a vevelty full coverage lipcolour.

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