Kate 05

I love me some Rimmel Kate lipsticks. They are affordable and really nice to use. It’s not the kind of lipstick that feels like butter, but they do glide nicely on the lips. Plus they are so pigmented that one coat is all you need. The scent is also nice. Very comforting in my opinion. I like staining power the most. I mean it is suppose to be a lasting finish, so it’s suppose to be long wearing, which it kind of does. Just don’t drink without a straw or eat greasy food. It’s the color that makes this a stain. Cause darker color tends to stain the lips more. 

Yes this is a berry shade which is the perfect color for fall, but I wear this any time of the year. I mean sunny Singapore is forever summer, so there is no right time to wear this. It’s a good color anyway. Good for the sun and good for the moon. Either way, it is a good pop of color on otherwise my plain looking face. 

I really like the color. I really like formula. I like wear. I like how this feels on my lips. It is not too moisturizing that it feels like it can run off. It is not drying. It is just comfortable on the lips. I highly recommend this. If you can’t get 05, they have a lot shades but I guess it depend on the collection. 



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