Lancome Lip Contour


Lip liner, either you use them or you don’t. I love having them around, but I don’t really use them. This is in the shade Flame which is a close description of the color. An orangy red that represent buring flame. It’s the perfect shade for summer. It has tiny specks of glitter which can’t be seen unless you really zoom in on the lips. The pencil is automatic so just twist and turn. 

The texture of this lipliner is really nice. It’s like a skinny moisturizing lipstick. It glides on so well. It will appear quite drying when worn as a lipstick, the whole lips. So pretty as it may, not recommend to use it on its own. A balm over it will be good. Especially an orangy color balm. The color do transfer too, another reason why it won’t be as good on its own. But ya as a liner, it is perfect for outlining the lips and to enchance the lipstick. It will be nice with an orange, coral and red lipsticks. 


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