MUA F5 Brush

I totally forgot about May-Be Daily Posts. Really applaud those who has a full time job (full time parent included) and can still blog regularly with proper pictures and informative substance. So totally not me. Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day!

They say that you need to have some essential brushes like for powder and blush and of course eyes. Then there are foundation brush, concealer brush and even one for bronzer. Then people will tell you that they love their kabuki brush and you’ll be what is that for?

Ok maybe that’s just me when I heard of kabuki brush a long time ago. I am just attracted to it as they are small and cute. I really don’t see what’s the different between a kabuki face brush and a face brush, other than the handle. Personally I think that’s the only different.

It’s a denser kind of brush. More stiff. Ok, I’m describing the MUA F5, as I don’t have anything else to compare it too. So my review is purely on this one product. So even though it is kind of stiff (less bouncy), it is still flexible. The handle is short that makes application so much more controlled. It is really good as a buffing brush. Good as a blush brush. Although, the blush can’t be too pigmented, if not it will pick up too much product. All over bronzer is good too. Of course I use this mostly as a powder brush. 

Unlike for blush, powder is for the whole face, so it is so much more forgiving and powders tend to be matching your skin color. So it is easier to buff away the powder off if you put on too much. But I just think it is just good at its job of blending the powder onto my skin. If it looks cakey, cause I sometimes have no self control on how much I like to swirl the powder with the brush resulting in a lot of product on the bristle, I can just use the kabuki to brush it off. Cause without much product left on the brush, it is good at getting rid off more. So yes, invest in a good kabuki. Cause it has it uses. A cheap one like MUA F5 is not bad too. 


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