Maxfactor Lipstick – Bewitching Coral 827


When something is said to be coral, I imagine that something to be pinkish orange. A color more on the peachy side. But I guess I am wrong as whatever coral is always more on the lightish pinkish reddish tone. It’s still beautiful but I am more interested in peachy pink. So what will you call that? 

Anyway, Bewitching Coral is beautiful for the summer. In real life it’s more of a watermelon pink on my lips. It is smooth to apply, and pigmented when swatch. On my pigmented lips, I have to double layer for the whole lips to be fully covered. It is creamy but doesn’t run. So it’s quite an easy lipstick. It is also a creme finish but with a hint of shine. So no gloss is needed. Since the color is so bright, it is a good pop of color on otherwise a plain face. It also kind of stain your lips, once the lipstick start to fade off. 

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it emphasize on your crack lips. The crevasses it kind of obvious. Not sure if it is the color or the lipstick formula. 

All in all, it’s still not bad. 


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