MUA Lipstick Shade 1

Behold. My last £1 red lipstick. Well should be the last. Don’t get me wrong. I still have a lot of red lipsticks I’ve yet to post out, but this is the one of the last red that cost £1. I really do like these inexpensive lipsticks as I get to try as many color and finishes as I like without breaking a bank. Plus it is so much fun trying a whole of color when I am just the kind of person who get bored so easily. They say that cheap lipsticks is not that good for the lips. But I feel if you take of your lips every night before you to bed, your lips will be pampered that cheap lipsticks will not spoil it. Plus drinking lots of water is really the one thing that help a lot.

So this is a darker red, which is really what I like to wear to a more mature dinner where I want to appear more serious. Plus it is the only red that I have that is quite dark. Most of my red is on the brighter bolder red. So this is nice as it is just darker, more mysterious. A glossy finish helps to just make the lips complete. Sometimes I do prefer a matte finish, but in this case a glossy one is nice. I just can’t recommend this enough.


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