Happy Feet Healthy Feet

We don’t really talk about feet care, but it’s good to know. So all I did is use tbs peppermint scrub with tbs no more rough stuff. Actually you just need to use the scrub on its own. The scrub is quite abrasive. It has a really nice scent. Really good at getting rid of feet odour. While the blue scrub tool is quite hard and it’s actually not that nice to use. You can just use a normal soap to scrub your feet with this tool.  


After my feet is scrub clean. Which to be honest doesn’t remove any calluses and my feet will still appear dry and flaky. 

I will also use tbs peppermint cooling foot lotion. It is suppose to be a thick lotion, but it’s not. It is quite thin for a foot lotion. It is cooling which is nice. The scent is also quite overpowering I feel. It is just a foot lotion and one you will not use for your leg. Or maybe that is just me. Then I will use Ecotools spa moisture socks to cover my feet in. The socks suppose to fit any size feet. My feet is size UK3, so it’s really tiny. It fits quite alright. You can see that is its loose. But on my right leg, you can see that it will fit also. So it’s actually quite big, but it will still fit.  

This is how I care for my feet. Not a really efficient way as my feet still dry. But at least it makes me feel better that I am actually doing something to help care for them. For my toe nails and stuff. I usually do a simple pedicure, nothing fancy. Just getting rid of extra skins and trim my toe nails every 2/3 weeks. If I’m not lazy I will paint my nails. 

So how do you care for your feet other than getting a pedicure? 


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