Shampoo, tried & tested 3

Avalon Organic Thickening Shampoo is an awesome shampoo. Probably one of my favorite. It has a faint scent of mint. But really if you just take a sniff, you can’t really detect it. Looking at the ingredient list, it just has a lot of extract in it. So it’s quite weird that a shampoo that suppose to be more on the “organic” side has so much ingredients in it. But I don’t care. Cause I really feel that it works. I find that my hair drop less. But that’s like for constant usage. The first month or so, you can’t really tell. My hair also can last for more than 12 hours before it gets oily. So that’s really good. A good daily shampoo. I really enjoy using.

L’Oreal Density Advanced is an ok shampoo. I can use this once in while or at most three washes at one time. Cause of use longer than that, my hair feels really oily. It is alright. I do like to use it, but it doesn’t bond well for oily hair. 2015/02/img_1373.jpg
L’Oreal Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo is ok. Not the kind of shampoo I should be using but it is ok for random wash. It does help to smoothen hair which is really nice. It smells good too. 2015/02/img_1376.jpg
Desert Essence Organics Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo a good clarifying shampoo. At first, for the first 3 wash, my hair still feels oily. But good thing I did not give up. Eventually, it is a good clarifying shampoo. I have to squeeze out a lot for my hair to foam up. But for some reason this last forever. So I’m really impress by it. The only thing is that I cannot use this for more than 2 days. If not my hair will be oily. 


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