Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm

At first I was so excited over this balm. In the end it’s just too frosty for my liking. It’s a shiny silvery balm. It makes my lips appear silvery shiny frosty mess. It does work for softening the lips but this can’t be worn out. I only use this for night time before bed cause that’s the only time I will be able to use this. But still quite disappointed that I can’t wear it out. But I guess oh well, what matter is that it do helps to fix flanged lips from climatic or medical irritations.

Updated: after the initial thoughts on this lip balm, I find that I can lightly swipe it across the lips. It won’t be so white and frosty. It just coat the lips nicely. Still have to be careful as it still can look weird on the lips but it is still alright. As in better than the first few times I used it. Plus it doesn’t affect the outcome of the balm. It still leaves my lips soft and without any dryness. Much likes.


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