Prime Time

I think this is just a travel size, but I’m not sure. I also forgot how I got this. Probably it’s passed on from my aunt. Anyway, it is a oily silicone texture kind of primer. It feels like a gel infuse with oil. It glides on the face really smooth but it sort of leave your fingers feeling oily. At least for awhile. So even the skin feels a bit oily for a few seconds. But ya I do like it.

Especially if you have dry skin, I think this will be good as it feels oily which like hydrate the skin. At least the feelings of such. It also creates a really clean smooth canvas for foundations. How long it last, it fairly did well. I can’t say for sure how long lasting as I only use this for night time. But yes it last. Maybe not for 8/10 hours, but it sure stands up on its own. I just don’t really in love with this as it is not a primer for oily skin peeps. Sure they say it combats excess oil, but it doesn’t leave the skin looking matte. So it will just makes skin appear dewy and healthy.

I am torn. But yes all in all, I like it. I will use it but I won’t say it’s a holy grail for me. I will still find a better primer I will like more. But this is not bad.


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